Inferno is the first part of Dante Alighieri's 14th-century epic poem Divine Comedy. Following the Divine Comedy literature structure of Inferno, which has nine circles, the group of young writers gave themselves the name of 10th Circle. Is a group of students from class SA15A from Holavedsgymnasiet school of Tranås.

Their collaboration with Inês Lampreia has been done mostly by skype meetings. The students follow writings exercises and share their writings. From creative writing around Dante’s Hell to experimenting collective writing, the 10th Circle has been developing a consistent work with the Portuguese writer. Meanwhile, among the writing exercises emerged the idea of a collective book, written by the entire group with individual characters development. The young writers use Swedish and English in the project.

Skipe meeting Jan 2017
Skipe meeting Jan 2017

Cornelia, Olivia, Emelie, Hugo and Nora on skype meeting with Inês Lampreia

Skype meeting Jan 2017
Skype meeting Jan 2017

Inês Lampreia from Lisbon and the 10th Circle group from Tranas

Have a look into the 10th Circle young writers fiction...

Hell, by Emelie Lägerud

My Journey Through Hell, by Hugo Axelsson 

The Black Hell, by Emma Lindwall

 Dante's Hell, by Cornelia Jismyr

My Journey Through Hell, by Olivia Samuelsson