Leaving & Departures

The group agreed that it would be easiest to write to a prompt, and chose the theme of Leaving or Departure.

Corrupted Lungs by Edita Pinjagic
I’ll miss you by Didrik Florhed

And suddenly breathing was so hard because you had left me there with corrupted lungs.  Stains on my skin, memories left by you, like ink on paper or fire on wood, permanent. The smell of your skin lingering on my fingertips leaving me unsteady.

Abused, tormented and abandoned like an innocent animal left I was.

Fragile I am, gentle you were not.

You lusted after me so much you decided to hunt me down.


You had me long before that.


I craved you.

You had left me there at nowhere. Nowhere a place where I questioned how someone I had never met before could have touched me so deeply.

Leaving by Daniel Lätthe

Standing at the station

people walking, trains running

Recorded voice ringing


I’ll miss you


Wordless nights, felt bliss

Knowing tomorrow, we would kiss

“Farewell, see you soon!”


I’ll miss you


Standing in the park

parents walking, children running

Sound of bird chirping


I’ll miss you


It will not be long

but it definitely seems

like it is forever.

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Run by Malin Andersson

Leaving can be very emotional and sad, but it can also open new doors for yourself. If your life partner leaves you, it's usually a huge tragedy, but who knows eventually you'll maybe find someone else who's even more of a soulmate than your last partner, so as I said, leaving can open doors. When someone you love who also loves you passes away, they leave you in a certain way, but they will always be with you, in your heart and in your memories. Everyone goes through some sort of departure in their lives, everyone has to leave their family eventually to start a new life, and mostly everyone loses beloved ones, and literally everyone goes through the biggest departure of all… Death.

Run, run, run

A tight grip like the hardest steel

Masked in the finest silk

Hidden away


Slowly breaks down, piece by piece

In the finest silk

Two. Two small drops

It overflows

Fight in the most difficult of storms

Go a step further it's storm

In the finest silk

The leaves is everywhere, scream

Until you don't hear anything else

shut down the other voices, hide,

The lights will never come

Find it outside stormy seas,

The finest silk

My Departure by Felix Hammarskjöld

It's easy.

I can now say goodbye,

is it finally time for my flame to die?

The leaving is near,

I don't want to you to be the first one to hear!

From all the damage I've taken,

it feels like my world has been shaken!

It's a core that was made when you walked away,

and I now know I can't live like I do today!

Seeing all of their happiness just is bad,

I wish that I could experience something that rad.

But my life only consist of things that hurt me,

and the happiness of someone staying is just a feeling that in my life can only flee!

The tears are to heavy to bear,

I wish that I could learn how to care.

Why couldn't the problems in my life be just as light as ”hey”,

I wish that once in a while one person just could stay...