The group wrote in response to photographs, and the poem "The Door" by Miroslav Holub.

Doors by

Didrik Florhed

“When one door closes, another one opens”

as Alexander Bell Graham said.


A door that is opened leads to another opportunity,

lead to another experience.


A door that is closed is a finished chapter,

could or could not be opened again.


You could be afraid to open any doors,

or to close any doors


You never know what is waiting

on the other side


In the end you should find out

what could be behind that door


In the end you should also

take the risk of not knowing

The White Doorframe by Daniel Lätth

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When I look at this picture I feel lonely, it feels like I'm in a rich person home who's lonely and sad.  Because happines doesn't necessarily have to be money because sometimes the richest and the most succesful people in the world doesn't have a family and are awfully lonely.


There are no pictures on the walls wich makes me feel kind of depressed, there are barely no colors in this picture, mostly black and white, I don't feel hopefull at all. But who knows what's up that staircase, maybe it's something more cheerful, or maybe just more emptiness, but we'll never really know.

It starts here?

by Felix Hammarskjöld

The doors of our lives are now burning,

maybe wood wasn't the best but this is for our learning.

We learn to function through the chaos and pain,

but we must all know that for our mistakes only we stand for the blame!

We walk out and in,

but I think that not everybody get the real thing!

What is truly an exit and an opening,

it's a thing that we all can be joking and looking!

It can be places in different places or floors,

but when you get there you know you chose the right set of doors!

In the door that we enter may not be the one we go out to,

and just because we choose another path our choice isn't always number two.

We see them every day and all the time,

but the right door isn't always the one who shine!

Dark ways is sometimes better for the outcome and us,

but choosing this isn't as easy as enter the train or bus.

Mine and everyone's paths may not ever be clear,

but i swear!

My goal is there somewhere and it's mine,

And me and everyone will get there in time!

But the will maybe change during the way and then we must take action,

because the will and goal is morphed so both need to go well to get the satisfaction!

My time to go out is soon here,

but I got so many ways to go so it will take time to get there!

But for me half the goal is the way,

and with help is find it or what do you say?

Change by Edi Pinjagic

I’ve always been wondering. How do you do that? How do you keep on going without coming to a stop? Isn’t only logical to reach an end after going so far? These doors that you’re passing by, you’re not even attempting to open them. Why is that? Are you afraid… of what lies behind them? Of what will happen once you choose to open one?

Or maybe, you’ve come to realize that it’s all just an illusion. There are no doors. There is are no other paths for you. It’s almost like a loop. You’re moving, but suddenly it’s like you didn’t even move at all. Everything is exactly the same. Exactly how you last saw it. Exactly how you last remember it. Exactly how you last left it. So please, tell me. Because I’ve been wandering for a while now… I’m getting really tired.