Young Writers Lab and Labellit project together with TWICT group created messages to spread in publi

The TWICT group, accompanied by the writer Inês Lampreia and the teacher Ulrika Sätervik, had a skipe call with the poet Maria McManus about the Labellit project. During the session the young writers had the chance to understand the project Labellit and also to create their own sentences, thoughts and messages to write on labels and spread in public spaces.

Label-Lit is a literary response to the world. Is a process of sharing small works of literature in public spaces, using labels, paper bags and other found things. The aim is to share the written word, whether it is poetry, a maxim, a gut response, a shout out, the quiet voice, a comfort, a gentle confrontation, or just the plain truth. Label-Lit is intended to be shared and is intended to encourage people in other places to connect in evocative, gentle, human ways through literary art and poetry.

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