Young Writers Lab - Teambuilding and a lot of writing…..

We did know each other a little bit before travelling to Tranås for our Young Writers Lab weekend, Mel Perry from Wales, Elisabeth Westlund from Sweden and me, Joke Guns, from Belgium but living in Sweden.

Three completely different writers, three languages, three times a lot of love for the written word and encouraging young people to find their voice in writing. And in our hearts, we were four. Inês Lampreia from Portugal couldn´t join us. Luckily, we managed to skype.

On the first afternoon, we drank coffee and tea, shared stories and experiences, and we wrote. Yes, we did!

Mel gave us a wonderful writing prompt, to think about what a semla cake means to people. Our own interpretation of one and the same prompt told the others who we are. A good thing when you have to work together to reach important goals.

On Saturday morning, we prepared the workshop for later that day. A workshop that would turn out to be very rewarding. The next couple of hours were filled with writing prompts and amazing texts from young writers Ullias and Vifast, both very talented. The future is here!

And then it was Sunday. We talked, made plans for “At The Fringe, International Arts Festival, Tranås” when there will be at least one day dedicated to young writers. We drank even more coffee and tea and packed our bags.

Young Writers Lab will continue finding new young writers, inspire them and stand by their side. Because that is what YWL does!

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