Skogspoesi. Poems from a forest.

Last Thursday was a very special day for the children of Klass 5-6 in Kulltorpsskolan. They received their books, “Poems from a Forest: Skogspoesi”. The children wrote brief stories and poems based on the snails visiting the forest near their school in Kulltorp, and the book has been published by Kultivera.

The books were given to children in goodie bags at the end of their parents meeting last week, when they were able to tell their parents about the poetry writing project. The pupils and their parents were excited by the books and honoured to be part of the project. At Young Writers Lab we feel honoured to have such an enthusiastic teacher as Marianne (Majsan) Olsson encouraging her pupils to be creative and to enjoy writing so much.

Here is one poem, “Survival” by Hedda Jarlstam

" The rain smattered

against the ceiling.

The child was playing

in the waterpooles.

The clouds above us

were dark.

However, the leaves

are still green

in the darkness."

We hope that some of the children will be able to join us for our Young Writers day at the Fringe International Arts Festival in Tranås next month.

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