Scribing our desires

We carry stories, ideas, passion and desire in our heads and hearts. We can set them down on paper, or we can be more dynamic and get our words out onto the street; we can be immediate, interactive, provocative. Our creativity becomes greater as we engage and share with others.

The second event I hosted on behalf of write4word for young writers At The Fringe was an opportunity to scribe our desires in the street. We began by listing and quietly sharing our passions. We read and discussed two pieces as prompts; Khalil Gibran’s poem “Let these be your desires” and a short prose paragraph by Mary Oliver. I encouraged the group to write in response to any word, phrase or idea from the pieces.

It was a pleasure to include Ifor ap Glyn, National Poet of Wales in our group. He shared his passion for the Welsh language and its future with us, and was generous in his feedback to our scribes.

After some quiet, contemplative time spent writing we grabbed our chalk. We erupted, hot like Tranås sunshine with our desires, into the busy street. We chalked, we chatted, we clarified and felt ready to take on the whole town.

Saturday’s rain may have washed away our graffiti from the grey pavement. For those of us who scribed we carry the conversations we had about those chalked cravings in our “deep hearts core”.

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