Poetry for well being

Mel Perry is continuing to work with students on the estestisk program in Holavedsgymnasiet, Tranås. The group, who call themselves Sagolandet, is preparing for a multimedia production about young people’s mental health. Through drama, dance, music, song and poetry the students will explore the key findings of recent research into young people’s experiences of mental ill health and services to support them. The production will be performed in May 2019 in Tranås and Gislaved. Mel has encouraged the group to write their own individual poems and a collaborative piece.

In January Sagolandet enjoyed meeting local poet Joakim Becker, whose collection “I sällskapsrummet på en psykiatrisk klinik” is inspiring some of the pupils’ poems. Copies of Colm Ó Ciarnáin’s translations of Becker poems “when the barbed wire slipped in” were given to the students. The group were able to discuss different aspects of writing poetry with Joakim, hear him read his work, and share their Swedish and English poetry. It was a pleasure to see the group visibly moved and amused by Joakim’s brief, and powerful poems.

Mel’s poetry sessions are also inspiring the ideas for the dance, drama, and music components of the production.

Collaborative poem written in response to

“Vill du ha en andra?” in translation “Do you want a second?”

“Create a new picture,

a puzzle moving around the bricks.

Deep down in your heart you know that too-

-stars are dreams.

I see you brightening up the night sky,

wishing on a star.

No matter what happens it’s gonna be OK

for the sky is never ending,

endless heaven

I moved you, and I know that you moved me,

nailed to the sky with a hole hammered through my heart,

searching for you in the dark cloud

I lost some dreams

searching for you in the dark cloud.

Love is no more

for the sky is never ending.

Why are you talking to them and not me?

I moved you, and I know that you moved me.

Afraidness, scaring and loneliness,

a puzzle moving around the bricks,

hoping for a sliver when you return,

for the sky is never ending.”

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