Book Launch

A key milestone in a writer’s career is publication. At Young Writers Lab we have aimed to offer our young writers as many chances to experience a real writer’s life and publication of their work was the ultimate milestone to reach. Venue No 19 At The Fringe in Tranås welcomed a large crowd of writers, family and friends to the launches of poetry, short stories and novellas written by young people and published by Kultivera.

We were delighted that most of the writers could be present, and were happy to read their work and sign copies of their book. We also welcomed young people from Wales to read their work via video call.

Carl Sjögren reads from his book

Ianto Williams and Tayler Walters read in from Wales

In July we launched the following:

“Forest Whispers” A collective book by the pupils of Kulltorp school, Class 5-6, 2018-19, supported by Mel Perry

“Bringing Reeds Together”. Poetry and short stories by the members of Young Writers LAB groups Sagolandet and Words over Water, supported by Mel Perry

“Mitt liv i några korta minuter” by Nadja Bloetjes, supported by Elisabeth Westlund

“Buss 115” by Carl Johansson Sjögren supported by Elisabeth Westlund

“Sybil” by Raneem Jneid supported by Inês Lampreia

“Min Bror” by Thilda Rydberg supported by Inês Lampreia and Elisabeth Westlund

“Novell utan namn” by Daniella Berg

“Vilsen i Vintermörker” by Karin Hegestrand

Smiles all round at the book signing

Copies of the books are available for sale from Kultivera

Photos by Eda Emirdağ

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