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Megan Jackson


Megan Jackson, the renowned author, and entrepreneur, leverages her wealth of expertise to inspire creativity and drive change. With a BA in Journalism and an MBA in Strategic Leadership, her passion for words is evident in her book, "Words Are Magic," and her work at RIPE Publishing House. Her corporate roles at Gap Inc., GM Financial, McAfee, and Neiman Marcus have further equipped her to nurture innovation in dynamic contexts. As the creator and Instructional Director of the Young Writer's Lab, Megan guides young minds on their journey to authorship and entrepreneurship.

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Jonathan Carradine

executive director of programs

Jonathan Carradine is a proven Procurement & Acquisitions Professional with over a decade of contract administration and supply chain management experience for contracts with assets valued as high as $11.9B, within the Government, Non-profit, and Commercial arenas. In addition to his procurement acumen, Jonathan is also a respected publisher, bringing his discerning eye and business expertise into the world of print and digital media.

Jonathan holds a variety of professional contracting certifications from Defense Acquisitions University and a Global Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of Houston – Victoria.

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Tneisha Brown

Director of Operations

Tneisha Brown brings a wealth of experience as a TV personality, serial entrepreneur, and former corporate executive, leading diverse teams in Communications, Learning & Development, and Operations for 15 years. This unique background equips her to share invaluable real-world skills with young minds.
Having transitioned from her corporate executive role, Tneisha now serves as a sought-after Leadership Consultant, catering to numerous Fortune 500 companies, including the world's most trusted leadership development organization.
Tneisha's personal journey of overcoming the challenges of teen pregnancy and pursuing a college education in Business Administration fuels her passion for fostering an environment of empowerment and growth for individuals of all ages.

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